European Gathering

Annual Conference 2022:
From Harm to Hope

Youth Interventions against Domestic Abuse

The Work With Perpetrators European Network annual conference 2022 will be held in Dublin from 17-19 August, hosted by Men’s Development Network and MOVE Ireland.

Reaching young people early and breaking the cycle of violence is the focus of WWP EN’s annual conference “From Harm to Hope – Youth Interventions Against Domestic Abuse”. 

Concentrating on young people up to age 25, it will mainly address two topics: working with young men who are using violence in early relationships and child/adolescent to parent violence and abuse.

The conference will discuss the critical issues facing anti-violence youth interventions and explore methods for engaging and retaining young people in programmes.

It will look at ways to work with youth more effectively by connecting to their realities, including the critical role of social media, dating behaviour and sexualised violence, the influence of peers, etc.

Men’s Development Network’s involvement stems from its management of the MEND Programme. Both MEND and MOVE Ireland operate the CHOICES Programme nationally.


Adolescence and early adulthood are formative periods where young people develop strategies for dealing with disputes, both in early relationships and within the family. It is, therefore, a critical stage to address early abusive or violent behaviour. Indeed, child/adolescent violence towards parents can later become violence in intimate partnerships.

As most perpetrator programmes target adult men, there is often a lack of specialised interventions for working on intimate partner violence with a younger age group. This leads to young men being referred to adult programmes that often cannot adequately respond to their particular needs. Likewise, youth interventions may not be specialised in dealing with violence committed toward the parents.

About WWP EN

The European Network for the Work with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence (WWP EN) was officially founded in 2014. Today it unites over 60 member organisations and is proudly active throughout Europe. Members include perpetrator programmes, researchers, as well as victim support services.

WWP EN believe that gender-based violence is a violation of women’s human rights and aim to create a gender equitable world by supporting member organisations in their work with those who choose to use violence in intimate partnerships, mostly men.