Jackson Katz lecture

American authority on violence against women and DSGBV delivers timely and passionate talk

Jackson Katz, Ph.D., internationally renowned for his pioneering scholarship and activism on issues of gender, race, and violence, spoke powerfully at an event at Trinity College Dublin Business School organised by Women’s Aid on Thursday, June 30th.

MDN and the White Ribbon Ireland Campaign, represented by CEO Seán Cooke and our Head of Programmes and Advocacy Colm Kelly Ryan, were delighted to be invited as part of the audience and it made for a day of fascinating listening and alliance building.

The wide-ranging, passionate, and focused multimedia lecture entitled “Violence against Women is a Men’s Issue”, centred on three key points:

  1. The need for a paradigm shift in thinking for Violence against Women to be recognised as a men’s issue which must be truthfully, honestly, and compassionately be addressed.
  2. That Violence against Women and Gender-Based Violence must be seen as leadership issues for men. All leaders, by definition, must know the basics of gender equality, DSGBV… “not because you’re a nice guy but because you’re a leader”.
  3. An introduction to Katz’ “Bystander Approach” – an educational strategy with transformative potential which can be worked on individually, collectively, and societally.

Said Colm Kelly Ryan afterwards: “I just want to thank Jackson Katz for the delivery of his passionate, emotive, brilliant lecture. It was very timely to hear from Jackson on the same week as the launch of ‘Zero Tolerance – The Third National Strategy on Domestic, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence’ about how and why we must engage and mobilise men in relation to ending men’s Violence against Women and Gender-Based Violence. 

He and Seán thanked the team at Women’s Aid for organising the event and for inviting Men’s Development Network and White Ribbon to attend.

“We need to be talking about what’s going on in men’s lives, boys’ lives. Male children are born every bit as empathetic, as loving, as woman children. What happens between the ages of zero, two and all of sudden he’s 16 and pushing his girlfriend against a locker because she disrespected him in front of his boys? What do we do about that? We need to talk about that but we won’t as long as we say this is a woman’s concern.”

Jackson Katz at TCD, 30/6/2022