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The multi-faceted Brent Pope, such a positive voice around mental health & wellbeing, was the captivating special guest at the launch of our #MANSurvey Final Report at a live webinar on Friday, November 28th – the eve of International Men’s Day 2022.

  • The MEN’S ATTITUDES NOW Survey was conducted between May and October this year, forming a major part of MDN’s 25th-anniversary work programme.
  • The findings provide interesting insights into male concepts of masculinity and gender, how men see their role in society, and reflections on their health and wellbeing, relationships, and more.
  • This interactive online event also featured a number of other speakers, including Gary Barker, CEO of Equimundo, whose organisation assisted in the research. 
  • The webinar was hosted by our regular partners, HSE Health and Wellbeing, and IMS Virtual Events. 
  • The survey was also supported by Tusla, the Department of Health, and the Department of Justice.


Former All-Black Brent Pope is best known as a sportsman, broadcaster, author, and fashion entrepreneur. As well as an award-winning autobiography, his follow-up best-seller ‘Win: Proven Strategies for Success in Sport, Life and Mental Health’ saw Brent delve deeper into his personal journey, having suffered anxiety attacks for many years. A qualified psychotherapist and counsellor, he has involved himself in several mental health charities and campaigns.


Following Brent’s input, a panel discussion heard co-authors Dr Kenny Doyle (MDN) and Conor Hammersley (National Centre for Men’s Health, SETU) elaborate on the study in the company of other contributors including Dr Caroline Munyi of AkiDwA, Carmel Donnelly from the Probation Service, and Dr Paula Carroll, South East Technological University. MDN’s Lorcan Brennan hosted the conversation.

Our other speakers and panellists

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Seán Cooke

Seán has been Chief Executive of Men’s Development Network since October 2018. He has over 30 years’ experience working in Community and Voluntary sector, both at frontline and senior management level. Seán is a firm advocate of gender equality and allyship across our work.

Fergal Fox

Fergal is Head of Stakeholder Engagement and Communications with HSE Health & Wellbeing. He been working the area of health promotion for two decades. He also leads on the area of men’s health and the delivery of the HSE ‘Healthy Ireland Men’ Action Plan. 

Eifion Williams

Eifion is National Service Director for Commissioning in Tusla. He manages the Child and family Agency’s Domestic and Gender-based violence services, National Family Resource Centre Program, Community-based Counselling services and has oversight of commissioning strategy.

Carmel Donnelly

Carmel has worked in various positions within the Probation Service over the past 30 years, in both community and prison settings. She is currently Assistant Principal Probation Officer with regional manager responsibility. She also has strategic responsibility for Probation Service policy and practice in relation to domestic abuse. 

Gary Barker

A leading global voice in engaging men and boys in advancing gender equality and positive masculinities, Gary Barker, PhD, is CEO and co-founder of Equimundo (Center for Masculinities and Social Justice) which has worked for more than a decade in forty countries. 

Dr Kenny Doyle

Kenny is Project Development Officer for Men’s Development Network. His work to date has involved carrying out the Men’s Attitudes Now (MAN) Survey and policy submissions. He is currently working on the White Ribbon Campaign and the new State of the World’s Fathers international research project.

Conor Hammersley

Currently in the US, having received the Fulbright Irish Student Award at Columbia-Bassett Medical School in New York, Conor is a Teagasc Walsh Scholar based in the National Centre for Men’s Health in SETU. His research interests include gender and health, mental health and suicide prevention in men.

Dr Caroline Munyi

A gender, peace and development specialist, Caroline has studied in Kenya, Uganda, and Ireland. She pursued a Master of Philosophy degree from Trinity in International Peace Studies and a PhD specialising in Masculinities and Violence. She is Coordinator of AkiDwA’s Migrant Women Health Programme. 

Dr Paula Carroll

Co-course Leader of the Masters in Advanced Facilitation Skills for Health and Well-Being at SETU, Paula is a health promotion specialist with a keen interest in emotional intelligence. While on secondment to the HSE from 2003-15, she worked in men’s health policy and men’s health promotion research. 

Survey aims to get inside the minds of men in Ireland

This major attitudinal study has was undertaken by Men’s Development Network (MDN) to mark its 25 years of work in the sphere of male health, wellbeing, and transforming masculinities.

The Men’s Attitudes Now (MAN) Survey was conducted between May and October 2022 with input from Equimundo (newly rebranded from Promundo-US)a global leader in healthy masculinities and engaging men and boys to promote gender equality and prevent violence.

Since its establishment in 1997, MDN has been to the fore in advocating for the creation of a gender-equal society. Operating a range of programmes, the Waterford-based NGO works through a strengths-based, community development model to create better lives for men and boys, their families, friends, and communities across Ireland.

The Survey aims to gain a better understanding of men’s concepts of masculinity and gender, and to gather insights into how they feel about themselves and their role in society, including their wellbeing and attitudes towards relationships and social issues.

Open to all men throughout the island of Ireland aged 18 upwards, the Survey (#irishmansurvey) was distributed through a variety of channels and sought a representative demographic sample of 1,000 respondents.

Many of the questions were focused on the social conditioning and influences that affect men and their relationships in modern Ireland.

Preliminary headline findings were published around our online symposium, ‘New Conversations’, on July 28th. The international keynote speakers included two of the world’s foremost thinkers in the whole area of masculinities, namely Promundo-US CEO Gary Barker and Australian researcher and author, Dr. Michael Flood.

A full analysis of the data has been collated and the final report and executive summary will be published to coincide with International Men’s Day in November.

Part of our 25th Anniversary Programme

Men’s Development Network CEO Seán Cooke said: “This survey, which is the first of its kind to be undertaken in this country, is a key part of our 25th-anniversary events calendar. We believe that by gathering good data, the findings from Men’s Attitudes Now can influence the policy, practice, and processes of engaging men, as well as in advocating for social change and greater gender equality.”

Dr. Noel Richardson, right, Director of the National Centre for Men’s Health at South East Technological University (SETU), endorsed the survey. The Carlow-based academic was principal author of the first-ever national policy on men’s health, published in Ireland in 2009, and co-authored the first EU report on men’s health two years later. 

He has worked as a policy advisor on men’s health at the HSE since 2005 and completed a doctoral thesis on men’s health and masculinities. His research interests include men’s health policy, gender and health, mental health, and suicide prevention in men.

Dr Richardson said: “This is a very interesting and worthwhile exercise with the potential to inform policy improvements supporting men’s health and wellbeing. It is an important opportunity to find out what men in Ireland really think about a variety of issues, including traditional masculinities, contemporary peer pressures, and the Irish male’s sense of place in society at a time of change and challenge for men of all ages. I very much look forward to the findings from this valuable research.”


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Preliminary Report | July 2022

Minister responds to some of Preliminary Report's findings

“Pornography is too easily accessible, it has become more violent and degrading. It has changed the way younger people view sexual relationships. Men and boys can become agents of change by challenging discrimination, sexism, and violence and I welcome the tireless work that Men’s Development Network does in this area... I’m confident that, through continued education, we can support men and boys, and women and girls, to fulfil their aspirations, unconstrained by narrow stereotypes. We must continue to work together.”

Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee

The Men’s Attitudes Now preliminary report was published to coincide with our symposium on July 28th. Download its findings here.