The Good Enough Parent Programme 

The Good Enough Parent is an 8-week programme delivered online for parents of children between the ages of 9-17 years old. It is open to parents of all genders and is available for participants who are parenting together, co-parenting, or parenting alone. In line with our best practices for working developmentally, the ideal number of participants per intake is 10 participants.

The Programme follows a mixed-gender co-facilitation model and our trained facilitators follow a strengths-based approach to support parents in the good work that they are already doing. The Programme also provides an opportunity for parents to share their experiences of raising children in the stage of preadolescent and adolescent life. 

Alongside the participating parents, their families and wider communities also benefit from this programme as participants share and employ the knowledge, understanding, and skills that they develop through the programme in their daily lives.

The main concepts focused on in the programme include:

  • Families and values
  • Communication skills
  • Behaviours and how we communicate
  • Teenagers and the developmental process
  • Self-esteem: building resilience
  • Feelings: Reaction to Responding
  • Understanding conflict

The Good Enough Parent Programme supports the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Positive Experiences

 “I was glad to attend a parenting course that was focused on ‘Me’ as a parent as I have been to other parenting courses where I did not connect with the content – it was refreshing to have the focus on ‘Me.” 

“The Good Enough Parent has made me aware that everyone goes through similar struggles, worries, fears and concerns, that having support is key and you can find it on a course like this one.” 

“I signed up for the Programme not quite knowing what to expect but knowing that I needed reassurance and support. Having completed the programme, although I have my challenges, I feel that I am a Good Enough Parent!”