An annual MDN event since 1997

The Annual Men’s Gathering (also known as The Summer School) has been run as part of the Men’s Development Programme for the past 24 years. The Men’s Gathering is generally held in-person over a weekend and provides an opportunity for participants to connect with their feelings and to find a space which supports experiential learning. 

Delivered in a supportive, safe, and caring environment, the goals of The Annual Men’s Gathering are:

  • To create a new conversation among men so that they can create better lives for themselves and those around them. As participants in the Annual Men’s Gathering, participants experience the developmental process and are trained to use it. 

  • To provide information to men on being their most authentic selves, the challenges to that due to male gender conditioning and highlighting the supports available at the Men’s Development Network and other statutory systems and programmes.

  • To encourage men’s creativity, capacities, and interests.
  • To highlight and address key contemporary issues faced by men, including but not limited to – social isolation, physical and mental health, unemployment, and family relationships.
  • Developing connection, friendship and trust between men of different backgrounds and lived experiences.
  • To build confidence in men to realise their own intelligence, to address challenges in their lives and to identify additional steps they may take to enhance their lives, the lives of those around them and their communities.  

In light of the public health restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the most recent sessions of The Annual Men’s Gathering have been held in online spaces, working developmentally in a digital setting.

The theme of The Annual Men’s Gathering 2021 centres on Rebuilding Connections – Sustaining Ourselves through Challenging Times and looks ahead to how men can support each other to “Build Back Better”.

The Annual Men’s Gathering supports the following Sustainable Development Goal:

4 Quality Education